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Studio session prep

Welcome to the studio

You'll find me at 53 Hoon Hay Road.
Use the yellow rope to get in, and give the gate a bit of a push.
The studio is on the bottom part of our property, so I'll greet you when you come in and we'll make our way down to the studio surrounded by garden and tweeting birds.

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How to prepare for your
newborn session

Before arriving for your session, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare your baby/s for a nice snoozy session.

Make sure your baby is awake for 1-2 hours before your session, even trying to keep them awake during the car ride over.

Arrive with baby with an empty tummy ready for a big drink.
By having baby awake before the session and  filling their tummy once they're wrapped or dressed in studio attire, it will set us up for a very hopefully sleepy baby session.



How to Dress for Mum & Dad.
(The following are examples of what colour pallets work nicely in the studio. Feel free to bring several items that you may own to see what works best.)


Colours: Whites, beiges, browns, light and navy blues.

Style: Button down Waffle tops, shirts and t-shirts.

Below examples all sourced from




Colours: Whites, creams, bieges, soft palletes and pinks, lace & florals.


Style: Maxi or Midi Dresses that are comfortable. Mid to long sleeves.
Below examples all sourced from and some of these are available in our client wardrobe.

Style Guide

The session is between 2 and 2.5 hours long.

There will be several times you'll feed baby, especially if fussy.
Bring extra nappies, but rest assure I also have some on hand.
And if you use pacifiers, bring the one that baby knows.

There may be times when I'm settling baby or just snapping away at your sleepy bub. So feel free to bring a book to read, or to simply watch and marvel.


Baby is sorted for their attire with studio rompers, bloomers, blankets etc.

Please feel free to bring a special blanket or something of significance should you wish to have it used in the images.


Social media

I will post videos and images to social media for my own promotion, unless otherwise stated by yourself to keep your session private.

See you in the studio

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