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Wildflowers & the Walker Family

Once the bluebells have disappeared, right before the heart of summer begins and the lawns are mowed. In this Hagley Park haven, yellow wildflowers overrun the woodlands. Last season, I had the joy of photographing the Walker Family, whom we've been photographing for years. We've seen them through their engagement, their epic wedding day, as each daughter has come along and even commercial work in building their own business. They're a bundle of joyful energy, they have a true zest for life and their daughters Maddie & Chloe are in for an amazing ride in life with Amanda and Morgan as their parents. I love these guys, and this set of images... see for yourself! 💛

Christchurch inner city Woodlands, wildflower central, Harper Ave. The Heather Records, Christchurch Family Photographer.


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