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See you in the STUDIO

A little piece of my heart has come to life in 2021. Always drawn to children, and one day imagining a relaxed lifestyle studio, that felt like a "home setting". That day has now come. I'd love to welcome you in the my garden surrounded studio, with sounds of bird calls to go with it, in 2022. While my outdoor location photography is by nature very colourful, I'm tapping into the other side of what I love with earthy tones that brings your babies features & personality to the forefront of the imagery. My studio is a place I'd love for you to come and have a wee date with your babe. Bring in your brand new family, and or new doting big brother or sister. Milestones of significant months, maternity... and more. I'm here for the details. I'm here for the snuggles & the connection, I'm here for the love.

Mum & Louis are both wearing outfits from the studio's small, but growing wardrobe. Feel free to bring your own dresses, or see what I have.

Contact me directly for booking details


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