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Paying a DEPOSIT

Paying a deposit will secure your session spot and the minimum session fee will be invoiced shortly after the shoot.

For portraits both outdoor & studio
$50 - booked 6 weeks out from date
$100 - booked more than 6 weeks from date

The Records Heather & Doug Ltd
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This is a very common question and I am more than happy to assist in guidance for your outfits.

Timeless imagery. This is my 100% aim. You're going to look at your images straight after they've been taken and you'll enjoy them in the now moment. But what about in 5-10 years time? ... I want you to look at your photos and STILL love them. And your outfit choices, have a lot to do with this.

What to steer away from...

#1 - Logos and pictures on tops and tees. Neutral fabrics, whether vibrant or pastel colours and patterns will stand the test of time.

#2 - Black. And too much of it. Add black to your outfits for absolute certain, I just recommend not having too much black, as black is an absorbing colour and if you have too much black on your tops, you'll blend in together and the definition of clothing will disappear.

What to run towards

#3 - Make sure you're comfortable in your outfit, you feel good, you're happy to sit and stand in the chosen clothing

Based in Christchurch, NZ

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I can't wait to photograph you & your family

Heather Records Families
a studio, newborn & family photographer..
My bubbly attitude always brings out the colour in family life!

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