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Bluebells 2021 Info

Your session

30 minute session
in either an 8am or 5.30pm/6pm time slot.

Meet me here

helmores lane
just off of Harper Ave when driving from Riccerton towards the city

Helmores Lane Bluebell Woodlands The Heather Records Photography


This is a very common question and I am more than happy to assist in guidance for your outfits.

Timeless imagery. This is my 100% aim. You're going to look at your images straight after they've been taken and you'll enjoy them in the now moment. But what about in 5-10 years time? ... I want you to look at your photos and STILL love them. And your outfit choices, have a lot to do with this.

What to steer away from...

#1 - Logos and pictures on tops and tees. Neutral fabrics, whether vibrant or pastel colours and patterns will stand the test of time.

#2 - Black. And too much of it. Add black to your outfits for absolute certain, I just recommend not having too much black, as black is an absorbing colour and if you have too much black on your tops, you'll blend in together and the definition of clothing will disappear.

What to run towards

#3 - Make sure you're comfortable in your outfit, you feel good, you're happy to sit and stand in the chosen clothing. For kids, especially young kids, if dresses & nappies are involved, cover nappy with bloomers or tights.

After the shoot

Within a few days you'll receive at least one sneak peek.
And within 3 weeks a full gallery of images to choose all, or your desired photos from.

Your invoice for the minimum due (or your chosen package), minus your deposit, will be sent after the shoot in complete.

Social media

I will post images to social media for my own promotion, unless otherwise stated by yourself to keep your images private.

Products & Delivery

All digital purchases will be provided for download through a private password protected gallery. All of which are 300dpi High Quality Digitals.

Frames, Prints, Canvas & Framed Canvas are available for order. Enquire for more information.

NOTE: If anyone is worried about the weather report next week and would like to switch to this weekend... I can fit more shoots in on Saturday and Sunday mornings and evenings and Friday is currently completely open ...
If you would like to, please just reply and we'll resort your time! xx

I cannot wait for our shoot together...
look forward to seeing you soon.

Heather xxx

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