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Image by Rebecca Bijl

About Heather

Hi lovely friends, I'm so excited you're here....
If you are new to my photography... I'm Heather, these are my humans/my team above and my whole life. I enjoy our beautiful world, being a little silly, deep connections, travel will always have my heart and I am deep rooted in love with my beautiful family. Family photography is so important to me.
I've come from a decade of wedding photography with
my husband, Doug (The Records with Heather & Doug) ...
I am now all about being a fully fledged Family Photographer - young kids, babies, families and maternity.
If you enjoy my vibrant, connected and picturesque style of photos and would like to book a session, please get in touch... I would LOVE to photograph you and your gorgeous family, no matter what stage you're in.


More personal...

I love raising and documenting our 3 sons. They know me & my love for photography so well, they'll often see a beautiful colour in the sky and ask "Shall we go take a photo?".

I have a sincere love for Italy. Doug and I have travelled many countries together throughout our relationship, and Italy still stands at the top. It's the vibrance of the townships and landscapes, the enthusiastic and emotive culture, the simple yet dazzling food, the soothing and playful language, the passion.
If I were a country, I'd be Italy.

One of my love languages is quality time, and a favourite way to fill this bucket, are little adventures to beautiful wee locations and most definitely popcorn and movies on the couch with my tribe.

My faith, my family & my friendships are what matter most to me.

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Contact Me

Hoon Hay, Christchurch

Tel: 027 2333 800

I can't wait to photograph you

Heather Records Families
a studio, newborn & family photographer..
My bubbly attitude always brings out the colour in family life!

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